5 Best Plant Based Recipe Blogs For 2022

These are the best plant based recipe blogs that I absolutely love! They give great advice, share delicious food and will help you on your plant based journey.

1. Avant Garde Vegan

Gaz Oakley’s blog AvantGardeVegan.com is one of my favorite plant based food blogs of inspiration. Gaz is a professionally trained chef and his recipes truly are amazing!

The recipes on Avant Garde Vegan are high caliber and high in flavor, like you would expect to find at a high class restaurant. From pumpkin pancakes to plant based burgers, ribs, and even Christmas ham Gaz’s blog is filled with delicious recipes.

2. Rainbow Plant Life

RainbowPlantLife.com was started by Nisha Vora, a Harvard Law School graduate who quit her career as a lawyer and started her own food blog. Nisha was raised vegatarian but later went all in and become a vegan. She now helps others learn how to master vegan cooking at home.

On her blog you will find more than just declisous plant based recipes, Nisha also shares tips on veganism, wellness, photography and productivity. One of my all time favorite recipes can be found on Rainbow Plant Life, be sure to check it out here!

3. Cooking With Plants

CookingWithPlants.com is all about quick and easy vegan recipes by Anja Cass. Anja was able to loose over 50 pounds and beat early onset heart disease by switching to a plant based diet. She now helps others by sharing her recipes and new lifestyle on her blog.

Anja is a true inspiration to anyone wanting to regain their health with a plant based diet. Not only does she posts a ton of free recipes on her blog but she also has quite a few programs, ebooks, and courses focused on healthy eating. She even has a ton of kid friendly recipes! My favorites are her two ingredient waffles and her two minute chocolate orange vegan mousse – yum!

4. The Healthy Life

TheHealthyLife.com is a true gem of information for anyone interested in bettering their health naturally. It’s founder Markus Rothkranz and his girlfriend Cara Brotman share a wealth of information on the subjects of health and diet, beauty and fitness, weight loss, relationships, and of course plant based recipes.

The Healthy Life focuses on eating a raw gluten free vegan diet. The site isn’t the easiest to navigate as the information is a bit scattered (it’s more like a vlog rather than a blog) but it is well worth the effort for the great info it provides… like this raw dairy free cheese recipe!

5. Post Punk Kitchen

The Post Punk Kitchen (theppk.com) was one of the first blogs I found years back when I was first learning about alternative eating. Isa has been in the plant based cooking space for many years and even has two restaurants of her own. She started cooking vegetarian as a teenager and later became vegan (fully plant based).

On her blog you will find heaps of creative plant based recipes and inspiration. Some of my favorites are her earl gray chai pancakes (I love me some chai!) and her creamy avocado potato salad (no mayo needed). Recipes on The Post Punk Kitchen blog aren’t always the healthiest but they sure are delicious, and if you want you can modify alot of them to suit your own dietary preferences.